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Love my Jinx Tees.

The best feeling after a long day, is being able to come home, put on the AC, put your hair up, change and throw on your favourite tee - mine being the Murloc one I’m wearing in the pic - and playing some WoW in bed. In the photo above I am running it through our rather large tv… Why? Simply because I can. Also because I didn’t feel like sitting at my desk. :D
Got me thinking I have been meaning to take a photo of a few of my favourite Jinx WoW tees.


I bake up a storm every Christmas and I always make these yummy cookies. The recipe is a family recipe. I normally use my Christmas theme cutters but I finally got to use my WoW Cookie Cutters today. I made some Honey Cookies that taste like gingerbread, only better. They turned out pretty good, for the texture of cookie I used. I’m yet to use the “Cookies, Cookies ” recipe that came with the cutters, a sugar cookie recipe that I’ll try next time. At the end of all the baking I got to sit down and destroy the Deathwing cookie. It was delish!
Merry Christmas. :)

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